Thursday, September 24, 2015

P & G - Facial Indulgence Collection

P & G
Pink and Green
Bottled in England

  • 10ml peach kernel oil cleanser
  • 30ml rose floral water (toner)
  • 10ml facial oil of choice
  • Organic muslin cloth
  • Silk pouch to keep everything in!

The properties in this beauty oil like Jojoba Oil, Rosehip oil, Lavender, and Frankincense are so nourishing and have such healing qualities which are proven to smooth out and repair wrinkles.

My skin feel rejuvenated and highly moisturised!

I love that it has the ancient old remedy of Frankincense because it is attributed to being anti-inflammatory. It is also an astringent, antiseptic, and disinfectant. It's just a very powerful beautiful oil! Among having so many other great ingredients, it also has Rosehip Oil. Rosehip Oil is so rich in antioxidants and it enhances elasticity as well as balancing pH levels. Rosehip has rejuvenating properties of vitamin C and lycopene, which is a wonderful solution to repair the skin's surface.

I like to use this beauty oil in the morning and at night. It is light enough for me and lasts throughout the day. The scent is nice and attractive and yet not too powerful to be noticed when applied to my face.

I love Lavender and this botanical is
gently inhered within the constituents of
this beauteous cleansing oil.

Lavender is a gentle antiseptic that has strong antifungal properties. Lavender is very anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat acne, wrinkles, and psoriasis. Lavender is used to speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts, burns, and sunburns because it really improves the formation of scar tissues.

This formula also has Peach kernel and Peach Kernel is very precious because it nourishes, moisturizes and has wonderful anti-aging properties. It is also a very delicate oil that might be the most suitable for those who are allergic to artificial ingredients and fragrances.

I love that it has Sweet orange and I really like that because Sweet Orange is very therapeutic and promotes the production of collagen as well as increasing the blood flow to the skin which helps the skin become firmer and healthier. That is a total plus!

This facial cleansing oil is a gorgeous reward for your skin! It is soft, and gentle, and soothing and purifying. It deserves to be called just that, a "FACIAL PURIFIER"!

Organic Muslin Cloth

The lovely facial cleansing oil comes with a Organic Muslin Cloth which you are instructed to soak  in warm water and compress to the skin for 20 seconds and wipe away the oil in a gentle, circular movement and then pat dry. I really like this concept and it really works well.

Organic Floral Rose Water 


This rose water is so fresh and chemical and alcohol-free.

Rose water is so good for all types of skin especially sensitive skin and it helps with soothing sunburns, combats dryness, and has anti-aging properties and is actually great when you have acne. rose water also helps reduce inflammation.

Rose water promotes healthy skin and this spritz smells wonderful.

P&G's Rosewater is so fresh and rejuvenating!
I think I've become addicted to it!


Has been given a major national award
in England for one of its star products.
The brand has won the Best Facial Cleanser’ prize in the Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2015 competition for natural and organic skincare products.

C     A     R     O     L        T     H     E       F     O     U     N     D     E     R

Carol is the founder and creator of the Wiltshire skincare company Pink&Green. She creates high-quality natural skincare that is natural, beautiful, uncomplicated and affordable.

Carol as a child (2)
Carol in her Mum’s garden

When she chose the name she used Pink & Green because to her Pink represents women and green for the environment. I love that!
She is a holistic therapist who encourages women to enjoy more time for themselves and to feel confident in their appearances.

Made with love and care, in
Wiltshire England

All formulations are made with only natural ingredients. No parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance or colours.
No Animal Testing
B   E   A   U   T   I   F  U   L

Pink&Green Organic Skincare

*Although I have received these products complimentary
to test and for my consideration all of my opinions are completely my own!

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