Wednesday, April 29, 2015



I must admit I am truly impressed with this conditioner. I really enjoyed using the shampoo as well (pictured below) that I received in a beauty box last month. This month I was given the opportunity to experience the conditioner.

I really enjoyed the shampoo and it's a herbal scent. It was very very gentle on my hair which made me wonder if the conditioner would have a strong and deep enough effects for my processed hair.

I've recently lightened my hair to the point where I need to use a gentle cleanser so it is perfect for me. The conditioner absolutely had the deep comparative effects i needed and was looking for.

The conditioner leaves my hair glossy and shiny and soft and it lasts for about 48 hours for me depending on what are the products I put on my hair.

 I give this conditioner 5 hearts.

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