Saturday, March 14, 2015

Birchbox The company Beauty Box

The Birchbox company
 & Beauty Box Review

Birchbox started in September of 2010.
It was founded by two women named Katia and Haley.
The Birchbox main headquarters is located in New York, NY.

There are 3 different Birchbox monthly subscription boxes one is for "women" one is for "men" and the 3rd for "2 Extra full-sized products".
The woman's box is just $10 a month and in which you will receive 5 beauty samples they also have $30 a month for 5 beauty samples and 2 full-size makeup for luxury nail products. Birchbox for a man is $20 a month. They say that the men's box consists of a range of top shelf grooming samples and even full-size products like gadgets or tools or stylish accessories.

I have found that their customer service is as prompt as they claim. They usually, respond via email within about 24 hours or less to my experience. They also have options to schedule a time to video chat for assistance in discovery specialists. In communicating the customer service, (via email) is professional, yet brief and to the point. They also have that expected politeness.

From my experience, the items of the beauty box in samples and deluxe sample sizes are very nice and good quality. In my own opinion, Birchbox monthly is primarily for giving a person samples in order to buy the larger products quickly and I don't place a large value of savings on this beauty box. With that being said I also believe that the majority of the products you receive from Birchbox are of higher end quality and a limited some of vegan, which makes it worth it when you are looking for new and improved items to try before you by and essentially to add to your own beauty regimen.

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