Thursday, February 19, 2015

ModelCo BLUSH Cheek Powder

BLUSH Cheek Powder


I am not new to blush however I do not frequent it for I already have high prominent cheekbones and structure, however I gave it a try. The color is beautiful and it and complimented my complexion quite well with my skin. it is February so I,  like many, have a lighter complexion in the winter time, but I would imagine this will look great in the summer time as well. This shade is not peach and it is not too pink and with just a couple of small swipes is just enough color however I did notice with the second third application it gets deeper in pigment. For sure a buildable blush, but know that each application seems flawless as it goes on smoothly and evenly. The color added a youthful appearance to my face. I actually love this blush quite a bit and I think it may have changed my mind about wearing blush.

In my February Ipsy Beauty Box - Glam Bag +ipsy 

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