Friday, February 20, 2015

Mario Badesco

I decided to do my own 1-week challenge if these samples from "Mario Badescu" if the samples last me that long. Keep in mind that I am using no other skin regiment/products on my face other than the makeup I regularly use.

The products in my free sample kit included:

· Almond and honey non-abrasive face scrub
· Bee pollen night cream
· Buffering lotion
· Flower and tonic mask
· Glycolic eye cream
· Orange cleansing soap
· Seaweed cleansing lotion
· Moisture magnet SPF 15

DAY 1: 02/18/15

what a difference already in these products meaning they just feel soothing to my face very moisturizing and a slight Oil base which I like my skin is dry. it feels like I'm wearing an invisible protective mask I like it already in the sentence nice very, very subtle.

DAY 2: 02/19/15

I do not see much of a difference today in the condition of my skin but again I am enjoying the feel of my skin feeling protected and moisturized.

DAY 3: 02/20/15

today it seems like I see a difference in the slight swelling/bags beneath my eyes it looks like its shrinking however, I do not see a change in the condition of my skin yet.

DAY 7: 02/25/15

I really felt like this product made a difference in just 7 days my skin feels softer,  looks better more youthful, I feel like I've really been pampering my face I love the fact just the facial cleanser did not dry out my skin whatsoever I'm really impressed with this product.

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