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My very 1st experience with Beyond Meat from Whole Foods.

My very 1st experience with Beyond meat was about 3 years ago after purchasing the Curry Chicken salad from the deli of Whole Foods. First off, I've been a vegetarian since the beginning and a vegan since the year 2000 however I'm the type of person that when I find something I really like I stay loyal to it. "why fix something that isn't broken"? Anywho, when I went to visit the deli in the Whole Foods Market I saw all the wonderful choices as usual and I saw the Curry Chicken Salad  and thought to myself "why not?" that I will try it! I've never had chicken salad before in my life. I purchased half a court and while sitting in the car I just couldn't help myself I was so hungry and took just a bite and "oh wow" the first the taste was incredible but then as I continued to chew on the "meat" and I started to become scared and thought perhaps they're giving me the wrong chicken salad or mislabeled it!? (Like what did these people do to me?) It was unlike anything I have ever eaten as vegan or vegetarian. It was delicious but I immediately stopped eating it and call called Whole Foods and asked them and suggested that they perhaps they might have mislabeled the "chicken" chicken salad and they started laughing, well maybe not laughing but I could "Hear her smile"and she said this happens all the time and reassured me it was in fact vegan Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat is truly delicious I love it so much! The Beyond Meat Curry Chicken Salad definitely is a rich recipe and definitely worth every penny! I introduce this beyond meat chicken salad to avid meat eaters and they love it too! I want to shake the hand of whoever created this recipe and definitely to Beyond Meat. You are amazing and thank you for making the world a better place not only for animals but for us vegans! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

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